To Microsoft 8 or Not to Microsoft 8?

You’re a person living two lives. By day you’re a computer programmer, by night, a computer hacker. Your life has just been turned upside down by the collision of these two worlds. My question to you is, do you take the blue pill and wake up tomorrow morning as if it was all a dream or the red pill and see just how far these two worlds really do intersect? This is for you and only you to decide.

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Xen external drive to windows guest

On Xen passing an external USB drive to a VM guest running windows, the external drive must be formatted as a logical drive.

Primary partitions will be unreadable so if you get an external drive and you plug it into your Xen server and you attach it to your Windows guest. Your windows guest will be able to see the drive but not be able to manage any partitions within. Take the external drive out, plug it into your computer, and use a partition tool to create a logical partition. Be sure to delete all other partitions prior. Then when you plug it into your Xen and attach the External disk to your windows guest. It will be usable.

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Mountain Lion Now Available

Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion’s was released today to the general public through the Apple Store.  The Mountain Lion is not a complete system, but an upgrade that allows improved use of important apps and of course the use and integration of iCloud. Compared to Windows 7 and Windows 8 which are two completely separate systems in which you can NOT simply upgrade to the newer.  Rather than completely designing a new system they simply, “cleaned up some messes”.

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Connecting your Apple devices to iCloud

Ever wanted to seamlessly share your files from your iPhone to your iPad or MacBook without having to deal with the begrudging task of e-mailing, syncing and transferring? Now that Apple has fully integrated the iCloud into the Lion OS (10.7.2) and iPad OS (5) and up, you can access everything from every device you have, even a PC.  Unfortunately, iCloud is only available to the operating systems listed and higher; however,  you can always contact an Apple store about purchasing a newer system and license (for PC’s you must have either Windows Vista with the Service Pack 2, or Windows 7). Once you know you’ve met the requirements for iCloud, you can go to the iCloud site to learn how to set-up your account. Then once you’ve been set-up, you no longer need to sync your iPod every time you’re away from home, everything is done automatically. Your photo stream, cloud documents, apps, iBooks, iCalendar, contacts and mail, backup and restore, “Find my iPhone” (locating device when it has been lost)  are all linked together to be accessed from anywhere.

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Malware Knocking Out Your Internet on Monday

When the clock hits 12:01am this coming Monday, many of you will find yourselves without an internet connection and your internet provider is NOT to blame. Back in 2011 the FBI arrested 6 individuals involved in what they’re calling “Operation Ghost Click”. The individuals were charged with running a highly complex internet fraud chain which infected millions of Windows computers worldwide; allowing the suspects to toy with the internet advertising industry. There were approximately 500,000 infections in the United States ranging from normal home computers to many Fortune 500 companies, and all the way to NASA. The “DNSChanger” was used to redirect unsuspecting users to rogue servers controlled by the cyber thieves, allowing them to manipulate users’ web activity.

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Secure VPN Solutions

Leveraging any broadband Internet connection with SNAP VPN creates a comprehensive Secure Network Access Platform suitable for leveraging applications and efficiently securely moving information between branch offices, remote users and trading partners.

Snap VPN for Virtual Private Network

Secure VPN Solution Phoenix ArizonaSetting up and managing a VPN has never been this easy!

SEO Tools Arizona SNAP VPN is Plug & Play

Secure VPN Solution Phoenix ArizonaSetting up a SNAP VPN is Plug & Play. In just 15 minutes your complete application infrastructure is in place. SNAP VPN can be installed right out of the box and there is no need to configure the device. Default or custom configuration is created at account set up within SNAP View from any web browser.

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The Brain Has The Same Problems That Databases Do

What can the human brain learn from how a database works.

There is a battle going on in every database and the same battle in every human brain.  The battle is simply Memory vs. CPU (processing). We either rely on indexes to recall data or we count on the CPU to calculate the resulting data.

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Continuing Password Safety after LinkedIn Hack

June 6th, 2012 LinkedIn publically announced their website, with 131 million users, had been hacked! Being the professional website that it is, most users have delicately entered every minute detail they could in order to get a better edge on the job market. No doubt making the users extremely vulnerable to identity theft and even more future password hacks if they used that same password for other sites. If you happen to be one of the millions of professional users, which most middle-class citizens undoubtedly are, there’s a way to check if your password was one that was hacked. Last Pass is offering a free test to check if your password was on the “list”; if you may be one of the lucky ones who escaped the hack there is still a possibility that it was still hacked and the “Russian hackers” just didn’t release yours in the list.

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Apple’s New Research Center


Apple Headquarters, currently housed in Cupertino, CA, will begin building a new site from the leftovers of an HP building secretly bought by the late Steve Jobs. As written by Walter Isaacson in the biography “Steve Jobs”, he said, “I want to leave a signature campus that expresses the values of the company for generations.”  So, a team of 50 architects and Jobs himself, intimately worked on the layout of the campus set to be finished in 2015. The site will offer an 80:20 layout, 80% greenery to 20% building and will also be receiving LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification, which will hopefully sway the locals into approving the site.

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Protecting your Windows PC

Re-Image, a new software program designed as a unique app that works as an in-place Windows re-installer, is specifically designed for those people that either can’t afford a qualified computer technician, or simply don’t have the time. A wonderful idea seeing as it can replace faulty system files, but Windows already comes with this. So then why pay $70.00 a year for a redundant program? Mainly because most Windows users are unaware of how to run the program, and of course we suggest a technical support professional to handle issues such as these.

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