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Apple’s New Research Center


Apple Headquarters, currently housed in Cupertino, CA, will begin building a new site from the leftovers of an HP building secretly bought by the late Steve Jobs. As written by Walter Isaacson in the biography “Steve Jobs”, he said, “I want to leave a signature campus that expresses the values of the company for generations.”  So, a team of 50 architects and Jobs himself, intimately worked on the layout of the campus set to be finished in 2015. The site will offer an 80:20 layout, 80% greenery to 20% building and will also be receiving LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification, which will hopefully sway the locals into approving the site.

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Protecting your Windows PC

Re-Image, a new software program designed as a unique app that works as an in-place Windows re-installer, is specifically designed for those people that either can’t afford a qualified computer technician, or simply don’t have the time. A wonderful idea seeing as it can replace faulty system files, but Windows already comes with this. So then why pay $70.00 a year for a redundant program? Mainly because most Windows users are unaware of how to run the program, and of course we suggest a technical support professional to handle issues such as these.

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