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Apple WWDC 2011: The Top Ten Upgrades coming for MAC OS X Lion

Apple announced today that their next version of OS X will be released in July, and will cost just $29.99 (the same price as the previous upgrade). Unlike previous releases, however, Lion is not going to be released into retail channels. It will be available solely through the Mac App Store. This is the first time a major desktop OS update has not been available as a retail product. This decision may annoy some system administrators for its relative lack of flexibility, but most consumers are likely to see it as a benefit. Another first that should please consumers and business owners alike is the fact that you’re only required to purchase a single license, which can then be installed on any authorized Mac you own. Here’s hoping Microsoft makes a similar move, but that seems about as likely as Steve Jobs turning up for a keynote in a clown suit…

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5 Steps to Securing and Speeding up your Entire Office Computer Network at Every Level.

The idea that your computer can get infected was dismissed years ago, you installed antivirus protection.  It should be all set right, you keep the updates going and you run Windows updates, so what do you have to worry about? But then it hits you: your computer has been getting slower and slower, you’ve been getting way too many pop-ups on the ‘net and the websites you go to seem to redirect to other sites.  Something fishy is going on.

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