Protecting your Windows PC

Re-Image, a new software program designed as a unique app that works as an in-place Windows re-installer, is specifically designed for those people that either can’t afford a qualified computer technician, or simply don’t have the time. A wonderful idea seeing as it can replace faulty system files, but Windows already comes with this. So then why pay $70.00 a year for a redundant program? Mainly because most Windows users are unaware of how to run the program, and of course we suggest a technical support professional to handle issues such as these.

Here at Phoenix Synergy, we refer to it as a “Refresh”, reinstalling Windows without formatting the drive or over-writing any application files. Basically, it takes all the files from the original CD and puts them back in place. Once that is done, re-run Windows Updates to re-apply the service packs, and ensure your Windows OS files and registry settings are set to default. Usually, starting your computer up in “Safe-Mode” and running a mal-ware scanning program can alleviate much of the pain. Regardless of the route chosen, always take these precautionary measures to ensure computer safety:

  • Backup your System
  • Run a Virus Scan
  • Run a Mal-ware Scan
  • Start your computer in “Safe-Mode” with networking and run the same Mal-ware scan
  • Ensure your Anti-Virus is up-to-date
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