Androids’ Latest Platform Finally Sees Growth

The latest Android version, originally released in October 2011 and recently updated in March of this year, hasn’t quite gotten the fame and fortune that it deserves, with only 3% of all Android devices using ICS. The newest platform, building on the tools that Android users love upgraded their system with technology to truly give users the ability to customize and call the device theirs. Naturally, issues arose as more and more devices were being sold, with the most recent update this past March 29th, allowing a much wider range of carrier devices along with improved stability, better camera performance and many others.


Ice Cream Sandwich, informally based upon Linux kernel 3.0.1, introduced amazing new features that allowed for a much wider range of capabilities. For example you can now control your network data usage, depending on your data plan you can now set off a warning when getting close to going over limits or cut data usage off by setting a hard limit that can disable mobile data until next month. Now you can perform actions while on your lock screen, re-size widgets, add trays and tabs, fiddle with the new keyboard, and use your face to unlock your phone. By taking advantage of the front-facing camera and new technology allows the device to be unlocked by recognizing facial features.


The minimal 3% of ICS connected Android devices seems ridiculous with all the capabilities that are now offered compared to previous versions. Gingerbread, forefather to ICS, claims 63.7% with the remaining percent using their ancestors. Sprint, a nationwide provider, doesn’t offer any devices connected with Ice Cream Sandwich and is very slowly revealing the de-bugged versions of Gingerbread. With Sprint being one of the nations’ top providers and not one device being offered with ICS, profitability may be an issue (addressed in previous article). As Android continues to dominate the market, Ice Cream Sandwich will see an increase of usage; proof being that Google stated previously in March that only 1.6% of devices were using ICS. Good luck to Google, I’ll be awaiting the future upgrade. For everyone else if the wait is too long and you decide to spend your time blogging, as I will, if you need any ideas on designing your web page take a look at Arizona Web Page Design. If design isn’t your forte and would rather market your existing site, Digital Marketing Specialists can always help.

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